Phytoremediation thesis

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phytoremediation thesis

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Enhanced phytoremediation efficiency through plant biotechnology. . Natural attenuation / phytoremediation at a former sludge basin. . Phytoremediation :  State of the Science conference. . Phytoremediation of recalcitrant organic pollutants:  An ecological and economical approach. . biology department Seminar Series:  Spring 2000, colorado State University. . Phytoremediation of pahs:  Microorganisms in the rhizosphere. .

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Chemical Engineering paradise Seminar Series. . Fall 2000, colorado State University. . Thirteenth Annual Colorado biotechnology symposium. . Phytoremediation of recalcitrant soil pollutants-pahs. . Fifth International Symposium and Exhibition on Environmental Contamination in Central and Eastern Europe. . Phytoremediation of organic pollutants. . Invited presentation at Exponent, Inc. . The role of vegetation in the phytoremediation and ecological recovery of hazardous waste sites. . hazardous Waste pdf research 2000 Conference. . Phytoremediation of heavy metals, metalloids, and organics: A multidisciplinary approach. .

Rhizosphere bioremediation of organic and metal-contaminated environments. . The 7th International Petroleum Environmental Conference. . Albuquerque, nm, november 7-10. Use of Allometric modeling to estimate tree growth and phytoremediation performance at hazardous waste sites. . Genetic engineering of plant trace shmoop element metabolism: Implications for phytoremediation. . Phytoremediation: The key to successful biosystem treatment of recalcitrant soil contaminants. . Stimulation of microbial pah-biodegradation by plant-derived compounds. .

phytoremediation thesis

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Olson, pilon-Smits, and. Induction of Genes for pah house degradation by Plant root Compounds. . Plant-Enhanced Microbial Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons. . Invited presentation at the Environmental biotechnology Institute's good bioremediation Symposium ii, san luis Obispo, ca, february 8-10. Plant-Enhanced biodegradation of Mixed Polycyclic Aromatics. . niehs conference on Application of Technology to Chemical Mixture research, fort Collins, co, january 9-11. Stimulation of Microbial Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon biodegradation by Plant Chemicals. . Annual Colorado biotechnology Association day. . Annual meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, los Angeles, ca, november 12-17.

Phytoremediation of organic pollutants:  Allometric modeling of above and belowground biomass measurements of trees growing in a pah-contaminated sludge basin. Studies on bacterial microflora associated with vegetation growing in a pah contaminated industrial site. Estimated number of sites contaminated with pahs in the United States, associated clean-up costs, and the prospect for phytoremediation. Rhizosphere bioremediation of Recalcitrant Organics:  Plant-Microbe Interactions and Ecological Perspectives. In :  Phytoremediation:  Degradation and Control of hazardous Wastes  Eds. Presentations and Published Abstracts: 2001. . Plant Rhizosphere Screening for Enhanced Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Removal. . 6th International Symposium on In Situ and On-Site bioremediation. . San diego, ca  June 4-7.

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phytoremediation thesis

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Environmental Science and Pollution Research. . 8(1 (In Press) resume 2000. . Ecological recovery of vegetation at a former industrial sludge basin and its implications to biography phytoremediation. . The role of Vegetation in the Phytoremediation and Ecology recovery of hazardous Waste sites. . field evaluation of mulberry root structure with regard to phytoremediation. .

yield and enzymatic activity of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum) subjected to alternative pest control. . journal of Herbs, Spices and Medicinal Plants. . Metabolism, quality variation, and production aspects of natural pest control in sweet basil Ocimum basilicum (L.). . University of Central Oklahoma. . Manuscripts in Preparation: 2001. .

Instructor of General Botany lab 1994  Research Associate:  usda grazinglands Research Station El Reno,. Nitrogen metabolism in wheat Research Assistant:  University of Central Oklahoma. Secondary metabolism in sweet basil (Thesis project). Wheat - legume cropping system in Oklahoma (usda project). Electrophoretic analysis and enzymology of mdh-deficient soybean teaching Assistant:  University of Central Oklahoma.

Instructor of General Botany, instructor of Plant Physiology lab, honors: 1998  george lynn Cross Scholar 1998  University of Oklahoma Graduate Student Research Poster Competition (1st Place) 1997  University of Oklahoma Graduate Student Senate research Creativity Award 1993  University of Central Oklahoma Graduation with Distinction. Membership in Professional Organizations: American Chemical Society, american Society of Agronomy, oklahoma Academy of Sciences. Sigma xi society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry soil Science society of America Professional development:. . Using pc-ord for Multivariate Analysis. . Analytical and Statistical Methods for Analysis of Chemical and Environmental Data. . Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 18th Annual meeting. . San Francisco,., november 16-20, 1997. Natural attenuation/phytoremediation in the vadose zone of a former industrial sludge basin. .

Heavy metals in Contaminated soils: a review of sources

Extended plant screenings on contaminated soils. Influence of root-released compounds on enhanced phytoremediation. Plant-microbe interactions, microbial ecology of contaminated soils, molecular biological approaches to phytoremediation. Contaminant bioavailability, engineered rhizodegradation Research Assistant: University teresa of Oklahoma. Role of vegetation in bioremediation of a former sludge lagoon. Phytotoxicity of pah-contaminated soils, phytoremediation implementation at industrial sludge lagoon. Development of tree growth model based on allometry measurements of trees growing in pah-contaminated soil. Ecological recovery and restoration of pah-contaminated soils teaching Assistant: University of Oklahoma.

phytoremediation thesis

Olson, colorado State University, department of Chemical and bioresource Engineering and. Department of biology, e414 A/z building, fort Collins, colorado 80523. E-mail: Education: the 2000 University of Oklahoma . Botany 1993 University of Central Oklahoma . Biology 1989 University of Central Oklahoma . Research Objectives: Rhizosphere biology, phytoremediation of organic and metal pollutants, bioremediation, restoration biology and ecological recovery, and ecological risk assessment. 2000-Present Post-Doctoral Researcher: Colorado State University. Phytoremediation of organic and metal-contaminated soils.

housekeeping, followed by avoidance technique, containment, legislation and guidelines. They form the core of traditional technique. Complementary to that is the advanced methods and innovative techniques which explore new ways of industrial production and hazardous waste disposal that are safe and environmentally friendly. The use and advantages of microwave energy as a safe and most effective method for industrial heating, material processing and organic synthesis over the conventional methods are discussed. The thesis also discusses phytoremediation, the use of species of plants to clean up contaminant as a revolutionary method for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly method for hazardous waste treatment and remediation. If you have any questions please contact the etd team. Njit's etd project was given. Acrl/nj, technology Innovation Honorable mention Award in spring 2003.

Chemicals which serve as feed stock to millions of industries all around the world to produce and process food, cosmetics, equipment, and energy to propel industries, automobiles, home heating and electricity have serious adverse health consequences. These substances can explode, ignite, react and corrode. Adapting the definition of the international program on chemical resume safety, a "hazard" is a source of danger. This thesis proposes some proactive prevention techniques useful to reduce the risk or potential for harm by chemicals at work place and environment. The methods described in the following paragraphs are traditional, advanced methods and innovative techniques found effective against chemical exposure. Known points of entry into the body through ingestion, inhalation and dermal pathways are discussed, including the mechanism of action of cells under the influence of hazardous chemicals. It begins with cellular interaction of ligands or chemicals in the body after ingestion, inhalation or dermal exposure.

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The new Jersey institute of Technology's. Electronic Theses dissertations Project, proactive technique for workplace chemical exposure. Njit-etd1998-053 (x, 96 pages.4 friendship mb pdf). Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Master of Science, occupational Safety and health Engineering, thesis. Jeng, One-jang (Committee chair trattner, richard. (Committee member van houten, norman. Unrestricted, the rapid increase in the number and quantities of chemicals released into the environment has been accompanied by a lack of adequate pre-released testing for advance health outcomes.

phytoremediation thesis
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Thesis : These substances can explode, ignite, react and corrode. Adapting the definition of the international program on chemical safety, a hazard is a source of danger. Heavy metals Contaminated soils and.

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  1. Date 2001 Publication Type thesis. Fate of Atrazine and Metolachlor. Phytoremediation, system: Mass Balance and Plant Uptake.

  2. Thesis.essay for me dissertation prospectus template buying essays guidelines for writing a college admission essay amener le sujet dissertation philosophie democracy for me essay constitutional union party dissertation phd thesis. Page cannot be displayed. Please contact your service provider for more details. Title Studies in the use of plant growth regulators on phytoremediation, author fuentes, hector.

  3. Urbanization and southeastern estuarine. This summary reports on our current ipec phytoremediation study in southern Arkansas.model of phytoremediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils including an L-system approach to rhizosphere volume estimation, masters. Rhizosphere biology, phytoremediation of organic and metal pollutants, bioremediation, restoration biology and ecological recovery, and ecological risk assessment. Research Assistant: University of Central Oklahoma secondary metabolism in sweet basil (.

  4. My thesis research focused on phytoremediation of the explosive, rdx, using Vetiveria zizanioides, a tropical grass. South carolina idea network of biomedica. South carolina cancer disparities commun.

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