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3 Broaden your education with business-related courses and special trainings. In addition to extensive expertise in your chosen field, museums will look for candidates with a range of relevant skills such as team management, computer technology, fundraising, public relations, and business administration. Consider taking special courses or trainings to build your resume. Many universities offer training programs for professionals, often online. Check with your own school or another respected university to see if such options are available. Joining a local business association can often give you access to discounted courses and seminars in subjects such as marketing and business administration.

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You should attend as many conferences in museum studies and in your specific field as possible, especially national ones. Apply to york give presentations or moderate panels at conferences to increase your visibility and gain valuable experience. Attend special events, openings and galas at other museums. Check the museums website beforehand for information about their staff and curator, and make an effort to find those people and introduce yourself. 2 Publish research papers in respected publications. You will be required to do research for your Masters degree and Phd, and its important to publish prewriting the best of your work as often as possible. Aim for publications that are highly respected in your field as well as more visible and publicly accessible ones. 13 Some respected curatorial publications include journal of Curatorial Studies, exhibitionist, and Curator: The museum journal. 14 Some more visible art journals include juxtapoz, artnews, and Artforum. 15 Popular science and history publications include nature, popular Science, and National geographic.

You should also include several photographs of the pieces shown and the opening event, as well as any news articles or press relating to the show. Websites such as Squarespace and Wix can make assembling an online portfolio easy and affordable. However, you will also want a physical version to take to job interviews. Part 3 Finding a job as a curator 1 build good relationships with museum professionals. As with most jobs, personal hotel relations can be crucial to a successful career in curating. 12 If you already work at a museum in some capacity, make sure you have a good relationship with higher-level staff, including, of course, the curator(s). Network with curators and professionals from other museums as well.

museum resume

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An internship will give you more specialized and interesting work than volunteering will, and may also count towards your education if you arrange it through your university. It will also give you an opportunity to work more closely with museum staff and form valuable working relationships. 4 Get a job in a museum. Even if youre still working on your education, you can apply for lower-level positions at respected museums to gain work experience. Most museums look for candidates with at least 5 years of work experience when hiring curators. 11 you should aim for the highest position youre qualified for at the most prestigious museum possible, but any museum job is write better than nothing. 5 Start building a portfolio of curatorial work. Curate shows that relate to your specialty at galleries and local venues. When you add each show to your portfolio, include its title, date, venue, contributors, and a brief blurb describing the show.

The Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece (history) 2, volunteer at a museum. Most museums are happy to accept volunteers, 10 and the experience will improve your prospects later. This will also give you a chance to learn more about the inner workings of a museum and determine whether its the right career path for you. Talk to the museum staff about your aspirations. The staff will most likely be happy to answer your questions, and may give you more specialized assignments, such as helping out with an exhibit youre particularly interested in, if they know you are motivated to learn more about museum work. 3 Apply for an internship at a museum. Many museums offer unpaid internships for aspiring museum professionals.

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museum resume

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6, you want to resume demonstrate as much expertise in whatever you hope to curate as possible. When you choose a subject for your thesis, its ideal to find something unique that will stand out from other research in your field. 7, educate yourself on what research has already been done and aim to make a distinctive contribution. PhD programs typically take at least 5 years (the average length, however,.2 years). Part 2, gaining Museum Experience 1, visit the type of museums you want to work. If you want to work in an art museum, visit as many art museums as possible. When you visit, introduce yourself to museum staff and ask as many questions as possible.

Take notes on what you see. Start with whats closest to you, but try to visit at least a few of the top museums in your chosen field, such as: 9, the metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city about (art). The louvre in Paris, France (art). The Smithsonian in Washington,. The British Museum in London (history science).

Many colleges offer Bachelors degrees in museology, or museum studies, but its not absolutely necessary that you choose this as your major. 2, museums will look for candidates with extensive education and experience in a field that is relevant to what theyre curating, such as art or history, as well as knowledge of business administration, marketing, and fundraising. Bachelors degrees typically take 4 years to complete, although it may take more if you choose a double major. 3, get a masters in the field you wish to specialize. By this time, you should have some idea of what subject you want to focus. If you became particularly interested in African art while getting your Bachelors in art history, look for Masters programs that have a focus in African art.

Look at the faculty of graduate departments as well as the programs. Who you work with can have a great impact on your education, as well as your career. Many curators find jobs through the recommendations of professors in their field, so building a good relationship with faculty is a must. 4, graduate programs typically take between.5 and 3 years to complete. 4, get a phD if you want to increase your career options. Many lower-level curatorial positions only require a masters, but if you want to become curator at a national museum, youll need a phD. 5, this should be in the field you wish to specialize. Because of the competitive nature of this field, a specialized degree is increasingly necessary.

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There are as many types of curators as there are types of museums - art museums, feasibility history museums, childrens museums, science museums, and a vast range of specializations in between. You will need to choose what sort of museum you want to work for in order to pursue the appropriate education. Consider what experiences have influenced your desire to be a museum curator. Were you inspired by an Aztec history exhibit you saw on a school field trip? Do you dream of working in a place like the metropolitan Museum of Art? Be as specific as possible. If you know you want to work in a science museum, think about what aspects of science interest you the most. The more specific your choice, the more extensively you can educate yourself. 2, get your Bachelors degree.

museum resume

led guests through help the museum, providing them with valuable information regarding displays. Assisted museum staff in setting up displays, and ensured that they were properly secures. Provided oversight to the maintenance staff, ensuring that all areas were kept clean and maintained. Education louisiana State University, monroe, la 2009 Masters Degree in History. We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, getting the right Education 1, choose your interest area.

and answer sessions. Assist visitors on a one on one basis, to help them understand and appreciate displays. oversee the setting and security of items within the museum, and provide visitors with information on each piece. Provide museum management with information on visitors interests and feedback. Ascertain that all educational materials and supplies are arranged for before the beginning of each session. History museum, monroe, la 2/2009 5/2012, welcomes guests as they entered the museum and grouped them together for trips. Answered guests questions regarding museums facilities and displays.

Professional skills, education Delivery, program development. Visitor Relationship, public Engagement, school Groups teaching, talks Delivery. Budget Adherence, activities Facilitation, museum Marketing, partnerships Management. Outreach Programs, exhibit maintenance, selected achievements, led 52 groups of students within 3 years, encouraging them to learn culture and history. successfully delivered over 200 talks regarding several museum exhibits, between the years 20 Implemented as series of educational programs, aimed at assisting visitors in learning about the towns history. Increased interest of the local community in the museum, by performing well-thought resume out marketing activities. Museum Educator, cranbrook history museum, monroe, la 5/2012 Present, create, develop and implement a series of educational programs to meet the dynamic needs of museum visitors.

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Overview, there are a hundred and one ways of impressing a prospective employer, but none are as effective as when you try through a resume. Since the resume has the capacity to essay hold everything in it, it can be used to impress a hiring manager. The following resume sample for museum educator position will guide you what to write in your resume to impress the hiring manager: Museum Educator Resume Example, susan Nelson 499 1 10th Street, west Monroe, la 48052 (000) susannel @ email. Performance profile, highly expressive individual with over 7 years of experience in developing and overseeing educational content for museum guests. Exceptionally skilled in creating, collaborating on, and developing educational content for programs. Creates a dynamic, participant-focused, and inclusive experience for museum guests. Imparts education to visitors with special focus on cultural and historical content. . Effectively able to provide information to guests on a one on one and group basis.

museum resume
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  3. This example museum Technician Resume sample we will give you a refence start on building resume. You can optimized this example resume on creating resume for your job application. Get the answers for cover letter and resume tips from.

  4. Museum Director Resume template. Greenwich Vill., new York city. The following resume sample for museum educator position will guide you what to write in your resume to impress the hiring manager. Searching for sample museum technician and conservator resume, well written word format doc; learn how to create a simple cv including career working experience and most standard job roles.

  5. Kennedy museum of American Art, Ohio university, athens,. Resume » Resume Examples » Director Resume » Museum Director. A museum director is not just responsible for routine activities that take places inside the facility. A museum Director is the ceo/coo of a museum, managing the team of museum curators and archivists.

  6. Hloom provides 279 free resume templates. 15 quick tips for a winning Resume live careers. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, kansas City,. Mulvane Art Museum, washburn.

  7. Extensive expertise in a specialized field, and a broad range of professional skills on your resume, youll be well qualified for a fascinating career as a museum curator. Museums Advocacy day, february 2018. Add your event (Ally members only).

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