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mommy biz resume

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Shes a boxer, a digital nerd, and a mom, all of which she writes about in her blog, but its her inspired pow-pow boxing posts that keep me coming back for more. If you didnt realize that a woman boxing makes a rad analogy for life, then stop missing out. Kate eat the damn cake kate is brave. She takes on topics about body image and dieting openly and completely honestly. She faces some of the most difficult questions and conversations and manages to write with unwavering grace. Even when tackling difficult truths, she does it without either crumpling into self-pity or jagging her edges with defensiveness. Shes a better woman than i, and I love to read her blog.

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Fitness body Charlotte hilton Andersen The Great Fitness Experiment While youre reading those glossy fitness magazines and wondering if those techniques actually work for anyone, charlotte is already hitting the gym, getting sweaty to test them out and make sure they. She blogs honestly about the best and the worst in fitness, and she isnt one to mince words. Her honesty is what is so appealing, outlining the truth in a path to better total fitness. Gail, carol, laura shrinking Sisters These women arent actual sisters, but they are good friends and moms who openly share their fitness stories on the Shrinking Sisters blog. The best part about this blog, aside from the great typography and fun Wordless Wednesday photos, is their honesty. They tell it like it is, making theirs an infinitely relatable blog. Fitarella fitarella she has a pretty inspiring story from eating disorder sufferer to advocate for a fit, healthy lifestyle, shes turned her whole life into a blog about what it means to be the total health package. She recently submitted a video for the own networks search for the next tv star which garnered over.4 million votes. Now that is fierce. Lisa Creech Bledsoe the Glowing Edge im putting Lisas blog under Fitness, although it really should stand in its own category of Ass Kicking.

Its one of my favorite places the to swing by for a dose of pretty and positive, since her posts are a sweet, sweet confection of both. Emma Chase jane has a job because her name sounds like a superheroine, i like to think of Emma Chase as the wonder Woman of career, lifestyle, and fashion. Its difficult to put her in any category, because her blog encompasses all aspects of the life of a 20-something working woman ahem* like moi). Its smart, stylish, and filled with sophisticated prose and is a reminder of a how well-rounded we really are. Abby larson Style me pretty okay, yes, i know itedding blog, but Abby writes about more than just weddings. She, being the one-woman juggernaut that she is, blogs about being an entrepreneur, finding tools that help her to run the company, innovating, staying balanced and weddings. Shes got a lovely take on the whole shebang, and even if youre not in the market for a bouquet, that still smells pretty sweet.

mommy biz resume

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Ariel meadow Stallings Offbeat Bride as a departure from the typical, cheesy fashion trappings of weddings, Ariel launched Offbeat Bride to showcase the special days of those with flair, fortitude, and. She carefully curates the big days of some of the most offbeat brides, with on-point commentary that will remind you do love weddings, after all. Natalie james fashion Intel As a womens Studies major, natalies blog explores the intersection of fashion, politics, and feminism, perspectives often ignored when trying to distill fashion down to its most superficial form. Her posts are insightful, always with her head great cocked for what is on the bleeding edge, and shes got a preternatural ability to call the trends and fixations before they ever breathe their first lungful of la air. Nicole frankie hearts Fashion When it comes to fashion, i love photos, especially when theres enough for me to nosh on daily. Nicole showcases her enviable and carefully curated wardrobe, along with some of the tones in trendsetting she spots before theyre spattered all over the glossies. Fresh and inspiring, a little caffeine kick for your closet. Joanna goddard cup of jo as a writer by trade, joanna already knows the ins and outs of compelling content, but her blog also shows off her inspired style eye.

Style files, the reason, style files feels like opening up Danielles personal scrapbook of visual delights is because her blog began as a way to compile her visual discoveries. Her impeccable curation includes decor and nesting inspired ideas, a dose of textiles, architecture, furniture, and even peeks at the personal space she shares with her partner and baby named Kick! Capree kimball Grassroots Modern Although Capree claims her vocation is photography and her avocation is blogging, they fuse together in one seamless feed of her fresh, clean, and colorful picks. She takes a practical approach as well, selecting items with style that can be bought at an affordable price, ensuring that even us frugal shoppers can enjoy the pieces she selects. Fashion style heather jessica go fug yourself Slightly snarky, witty, but most importantly dead-on fashion bloggers heather jessica have been critiquing celebrity couture with sass for quite some time now. Though they arent your mothers polite fashion bloggers, they always manage to tell the truth without being blatantly nasty, making for a wholesomely entertaining read. Julia roy julia roy as the former Senior Manager of New Media at coach, not only is Julia roy a serious fashionista, shes also quite the clever media minx. She uses her personable blogging style to highlight how shes fusing cutting edge social tactics with creative vision in all her newest ventures.

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mommy biz resume

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Her saucy tidbits highlight various tacks that brands are taking at the methodology rate of a essay few a day. Enough to keep you from getting hungry, but keep you craving more. Design, julie, janet, Francesca, sarah, remodelista. Remodelista is actually a collection of female friends with a collectively congruous design and decorating sensibility, which they share on this blog. From high-end to reclaimed, they have brilliant suggestions that are less about making a home the perfect space, and mostly about making it your space. Grace bonney, design Sponge, before creating the eye candy factory that.

Design Sponge, grace worked as a contributing editor for some of the biggest magazines in the industry. In addition to keeping her blog untarnished by the usual ladymag ridiculousness (e.g. 10 ways to get Rid of Neck fat, zomg! her carefully curated stash of goodness demonstrates her exceptional taste. Tina roth Eisenberg, swiss Miss, tina calls her blog, swiss Miss for the obvious reason because she grew up in Switzerland but I like the name because reading it is like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Its smooth, rich, and flavored with just the right amount of sweet in the way of aesthetics. Shes a mixed media kind of gal, so theres plenty here to curb every craving.

Perhaps some writers dont read the plethora of smart and savvy women bloggers out there, but this list will rectify the problem. This list is compiled from my own feed, suggestions from my colleagues and those of you that left comments on the last post. I have personally vetted each of these and didnt add any blog I dont read myself. Of course, this is by no means a comprehensive list, just a starting point. If you have thoughts or suggestions, feel free to reach out to. Twitter, or leave a comment under the post with more names youd like to see added to the list.

Branding, valeria maltoni, conversation Agent, valeria helps businesses understand the way that consumers and their communities have changed the conversation. Laura ries, ries pieces. Widely considered to be a branding expert, she blogs infrequently, but her posts are meaty with plenty of observations to digest. Danielle laporte, white hot Truth, im putting Danielle under branding because she has such a highly evolved sense of her own brand. Shes positive, slightly spiritual, avant, and fully facing the possibility of every day, which is probably why so many people turn to her for guidance on how they can expand their brands, their campaigns, their work, and their minds. Kristien Del Ferraro, brand Flakes For Breakfast. Kristien delivers bite-sized morsels of brandy goodness each and every day on her blog.

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mommy biz resume

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mommy biz resume
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G#m F# #m e f# The one paper kid is rollin again. Flat Oil, eggshell, available now. This film is a must-see simply because it is a classic, it is expertly written, and Elizabeth taylor is absolutely mesmerizing.

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