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dba administrator resume

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Data Storage devices, oracle real Application Clusters (RAC) consulting including: Determining the Oracle rac architecture, choosing the best rac servers and hardware. Configuring the distributed Lock manager (DLM). Configuring the raw disks for Oracle rac. Installing Oracle rac software, installing and testing Oracle Transparent Application failover (TAF) Performance tuning for Oracle real Application  Clusters (RAC) Profile Experienced classroom trainer and Oracle instructor. . A former Professor Emeritus of Information Systems, taught more than 100 University courses and regularly conducts in-house Oracle training. Expert in Oracle performance tuning, sql tuning and real Application Clusters (RAC) specializing in tuning and monitoring f or high availability. Extensive performance tuning experience, specializing in instance tuning, Oracle rac tuning and sql optimization.

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Professional Certifications, oracle certified Professional (OCP). Licensed fcc radiotelephone operator, certificate in Data Processing (cdp certified Systems Professional (CSP). Certified Oracle database Administrator, faa licensed Private pilot, north Carolina licensed Auctioneer. Expert it skills, oracle6 through Oracle12c database administration and national management. Sql*Plus, sql and PL/sql programming and development. Unix systems (HP/ux, oracle solaris, aix, linux) administration. Mvs/esa, jcl, rexx, tso, ispf, oracle real Application Clusters (rac taf, idms dba, cics, idms/dc, foxPro dba. Sql *Net, sql*Net, tcp/ip, cics and idms-dc. Basic, fortran, Shell scripting, sas, sed, awk and many others. Hp-9000, ibm 30xx, ibm 43xx, ibm-pc, ibm rs6000, shapes ibm s70, all HP/ux and Solaris architectures, emc.

Résumé, don Burleson is one of the worlds leading Oracle experts, working as a full-time dba since 1983. . A retired adjunct professor emeritus, he has authored five of the officially authorized Oracle Press books, more than 30 books on Oracle database management, plus hundreds of articles in national magazines, and he is a popular lecturer at international database conferences. As a corporate database consultant, don has worked with numerous Fortune 500 corporations creating robust database architectures for mission-critical systems. . Don serves as cto of Burleson Consulting ( m ) which great includes a popular Remote dba service ( t ). Don is also a noted expert on Oracle web technology systems, and he has been instrumental in the development of numerous Web-based systems that support thousands of concurrent users. A popular lecturer and teacher and a frequent speaker at international database conferences, burleson wrote the "Officially authorized by Oracle Press" books. Oracle Unix Administration, oracle tuning, oracle sql tuning and, oracle Application Server, administration.

dba administrator resume

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Define data requirements for database design and implement policies that lead to corporate solutions. Establish guidelines for security, maintenance, utilization and business continuity. Lead efforts in performance tuning and optimization needed to maintain customer applications. Program and implement etc processes and applications in Perl. Research, develop and deploy innovative productivity applications. Create documentation that provides guidelines in regards to maintenance tasks, policies and procedures. More it technical, Engineering Resume Examples. Database Administrator Resume Example by, resume companion, related Posts.

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dba administrator resume

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This resume serves as a reference for most dba positions or software engineers that work primarily in a database systems technical environment. This resume is written without a summary, headline or objective. In this case, the job seeker has only 2 job positions as a database administrator. So the recent job experience tends to summarize the totality of their career. Most job seekers will want to include a summary in the resume to give the reader a quick view of their core experience. The job experience section outlines skills in data ways modeling, analysis, systems implementation and testing. Statements within the resume feature skills in database methodology, modification and training.

Several statements outline key projects. The education section lists the bachelor of Science in Database Administration. The technical skills area focuses on a variety of knowledge such as Oracle, ibm db2 and sql. Database Administrator Resume Example, database Administrator Resume Statements, design and deploy database architecture and systems infrastructure for corporate it systems. Create strategies for performing repetitive tasks such as data acquisitions, migrations, data recoveries and new database implementations. Provide it support for the review, analysis, troubleshoot and repair of database issues.

Implementation and support of Oracle standby databases, and multimaster advanced replication in an environment consisting of over 40 separate database environments. Implementation and support of  backup strategies, providing database consulting and engineering to development teams within company, creating custom sql scripts, database monitoring and backup scripts, database performance tuning, writing support and training documentation and investigating new database related technologies for use within company. Develop stored procedures, functions and business logic in PL/sql to support in-house database applications and websites. 06/94 to 08/98  Remote ha specialist/oracle dba. Provided remote technical consulting and dba support for employers ha customers.

  coordinated support plans for commercial customers with enhanced or premium support offerings.   Scheduled training requirements for analysts and developed a proactive change control management plan for customers. Designed tools to proactively report system and database availability in highly available environments.   Created sql and PL/sql scripts to provide periodic reporting and database monitoring for internal and remote customers. Provided remote technical support to customers with environments based on employers unix and Windows Servers.   Supported Microsoft server components including sql server, Exchange and sms server, as well as the complete backoffice suite. Duties included installation and configuration support, technical problem resolution, hardware and software assistance, and networking support for customer environments and clients). Below you will find a resume example for an it professional with job experience as Database Administrator.

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Databases were responsible for single sign on and profile information to over 3000 internal websites. Provide engineering, implementation, strategy and support plans to development teams for database related issues, including designing ha and redundant database systems and implementing advanced Oracle options for mission critical environments. Designed, implemented and supported highly with available rac clusters for companywide single sign on application, as well as other database solutions using advanced replication and standby (data guard) options. Provided Oracle rac consulting and engineering to internal organizations for planned implementations and migrations. . Consulting included designing backup solutions (using rman disaster recovery plans, and performance tuning advice for rac implementations. Design, implement and support Oracle advanced replication and Oracle streams to provide a replicated database environment to support internal hp business sites. 08/98 to 06/2000 Database Administrator /developer - information Technology Engineer. Provide database and system management for multiple hp-ux/NT servers running Oracle.3/8/8i/9i, ranging in size from 200Gb up to 500Gb of data. Primary dba support for Pricing and Product databases, Enterprise directory service and multiple crm applications.

dba administrator resume

Perform assessments on customer sites and report essay to management with recommendations on how to achieve a highly available production environment. . Design ha environments to be implemented within customer sites. Design, implement and support incident support system using Remedy. Create and supervise change and configuration management processes for external trade customers. 06/2000 to 03/04 it engineer/ Senior Oracle dba - member of it consulting Staff. Provide database and system management for multiple hp-ux/NT servers running Oracle 9i rac and Oracle Advanced Replication, and several Oracle 8i databases ranging in size from 500Gb.5Tb. Installation, upgrades, migrations, performance tuning, backup and recovery, schema management, sql tuning, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting Oracle databases in a 7x24 environment. Primary dba support for primary e-commerce site, several related customer facing oltp and data warehouse systems. .

implemention and support a migration of an existing Oracle 10g rac (64cpu/128gb ram/60Tb asm disks on hp-ux) environment worth over 10M in annual revenue to the customer to two (128cpu/192gb ram/60b asm disks on hp-ux) environments. Engineering, implemented, documented and support builds of new clusters to use Oracle 10g/11g rac on hp-ux and Linux. . Including installing clusterware, asm (and shared disks) and creating new databases. Lead engineering effort, implementation, tuning and support of  Oracle 10g rac/Dataguard upgrades to Oracle 11g rac/Dataguard. Designed a proof of concept environment to facilitate functionality testing and features, built a pilot environment which mirrored production to do in depth testing for all customers, and provided a detailed migration plan to migrate the current production cluster to the new environments. Lead engineering and implementation effort for migration of over 100 small to medium sized databases ( 2Tb) from hp pa-risc based machines to hp itanium and Linux based machines 03/04 to 09/04  Technology consultant  - member of ha transformation team. Provide  database architecture and consulting  to external trade customer sites with Oracle, hp/ux and sap environments.

Provide detailed architecture, consulting, engineering, implementation and support for database availability, backup and recovery, and performance tuning projects. Provide system dba engineering, implementation and support for siebel Applications and sap using engelsk Oracle databases. Provide dba implementation and support for sap/Oracle migrations and upgrades, including environments using Oracle dataguard. Provide Oracle Application Server and Oracle apex implementation and support. Provide support for Oracle Enterprise manager Grid Control and Agents. Provide 3rd level support for Oracle rac, including applying patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery issues with rman/DataProtector, trace analysis, service creation, cluster and system management. Implementation and support of 10g and 11g migrations and upgrades from Oracle 9i and 10g databases, including rac (Real Application Clusters) databases on hp-ux and Linux. Engineering, implementation and support for high availability solutions using Oracle data guard, real Application Clusters (rac oracle Streams, Oracle Advanced Replication and specific network storage and clustering solutions. Provide after hours 24x7 database support, engineering and consulting for trade customers.

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Education: georgia institute of Technology Atlanta, georgia. Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science. Special skills qualifications: oracle certified Professional (8i/9i/10g microsoft Certified System Engineer, operating Systems: hp-ux 9/10/11/11i, hp mc serviceguard clusters, aix, solaris, linux and Windows Software: Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g, Oracle 9i/10g/11g rac, oracle data guard (standby db, both logical and physical Oracle Advanced Replication, Oracle Streams. Programming Languages: sql, pl/sql, perl, Shell scripting. Experience: 09/04 to Present it consultant / Senior Oracle dba slogan db team. Provide Oracle and sql server database support and consulting to employers external trade customers. . Support includes routine dba tasks such as backup and recovery of full and partial databases using rman/NetBackup/DataProtector, performance tuning of sql and PL/sql code, system and database performance tuning of hp-ux multiprocessor shared database environments.

dba administrator resume
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  1. We have more than 400 samples that help create a great resume. Oracle dba training & Certification courses online Clear Oracle database Administrator Certified Associate Exam Job Assistance real life projects Best Instructors. This is a detailed sql server dba training course from Intellipaat that will help you understand all about database administration and become a database Administrator.

  2. Establish a career as a database administrator through training in the technical and business aspects of data modeling, database architecture, backup and recovery and database security. MindMajix Oracle dba training: learn Oracle database 12c core architectural foundations, database concepts, the role and capabilities of the administrator and Database configuration, administration, programming, performance tuning, backup and recover y, and high availability., etc. Resume format samples help create an effective resume for every level of job applicants.

  3. Database Administrator Resume Example for it professional with experience in DB2, Oracle and sql database administration. Upload or create your resume on CareerOne! Get tips on writing your resume and see examples. Dba trainer is one of the best online oracle dba training institute for Oracle dba 12c, Oracle dba 11g, Oracle rac, oracle data guard, Oracle database performance tuning, Oracle sql and PL/sql programming.

  4. Don Burleson is one of the worlds leading Oracle experts, working as a full-time dba since 1983. A retired adjunct professor emeritus, he has authored five of the officially authorized Oracle Press books, more than 30 books on Oracle database management, plus hundreds of articles in national magazines, and he is a popular lecturer. Troy is an analytical and results driven it consultant and Senior dba team leader with long term experience in engineering, implementing and supporting disaster recovery and high availability plans and solutions based on Oracle software on multiple platforms.

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