Then there were none review

Agatha Christie: And, then, there, were, none

Agatha Christie: And, then, there, were, none review

During dinner as per instructions a record is played accusing each of the guests of the crime of murder in which they were never punished. Then one by one like the nursery rhyme about the ten little Indians, each dies. And Then There were none is your typical Agatha Christie murder mystery with a very closed circle of suspects. After concluding that there is no hidden eleventh person on the island, it's got to be one of the guests. Director Rene Claire assembled a fine cast of very stylish players each perfectly fitting their assigned roles. With a group like this it's hard to pick out favorites, but I do have a few here. Walter Huston is a doctor accused of a malpractice murder is my favorite.

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I know it's not the same as the book's final scene, but since Agatha Christie herself changed it for the stage version-sensibly (because the book's ending doesn't work dramatically)- there 's no reason to feel cheated. It's still one of the cleverest ideas for a mystery-ten people invited to an old house by the sea so that an unknown host can dispose of them one by one. Under Rene Clair's direction, there 's a great deal of humor thrown. Add to that, enjoyable performances from a first-rate cast of character actors-barry fitzgerald, judith Anderson, walter Huston, louis hayward and the always dependable richard haydn as Rogers, the butler. June duprez is the only weakness in the cast members, showing little emotion throughout. The atmosphere is brooding, the chills are delicious, and you can rewind your vhs print to spot Agatha's about give-aways. One of the best mysteries of all time, but don't waste your time on the later remakes. This version is the genuine product. 28 out of 36 found this helpful. Report this copied to clipboardCopy link not Just Who did It, but Who will Survive? Bkoganbing ten disparate people including a husband and wife butler and maid team have been employed and gathered on an island with a large mansion.

The look, the settings, the characters, all of it essay is just right. There are also some wonderfully comedic performances that veer into some delicious black comedy at times (my favorite being louis hayward's bemused response to roland young's bumbling deductions: "And then he takes the chopper and splits open his own cranium. I'd like to see you do that yourself. About the only casting flaw is June duprez, who is woefully bland and dull as Vera Claythorne, the lead female character. 45 out of 56 found this helpful. Report this copied to clipboardCopy link best version of the Christie l of the usual suspects are in fine form. Neil doyle why quibble about the ending?

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With louis hayward. Lombard, the character more than holds his own with all challengers, and has an especially nice chemistry with young. And although June duprez is slightly out of her league as a thespian, she is plucky and capable enough, with hayward's help, to pull off her role just fine. The atmosphere, photography, and soundtrack are all artistic perfection. This movie is a true treat for all the senses. 35 out of 42 found this helpful. Report this copied to clipboardCopy link The best Christie movie eric-62-2 3 September 1999 no agatha Christie story has ever been summary made into a better movie than this one. The movie has the altered ending from the book (which I'm told was changed by Christie for the stage version because let's face. The book's ending would never *ever* work in a dramatized setting, film or stage) and the character of Tony marston has become a russian prince to accomodate the casting of Mischa auer, but apart from that Christie's book has been flawlessly translated right down.

Every character is perfectly realized by magnificent acting. My favorite. Aubrey smith who portrays General Mandrake with a british subtlety that cannot be understood fully by today's American viewers. Every cast member is perfect. Roland young may actually be the most instrumental as Blore in keeping the films wit intact and never allowing it to get too serious. Barry fitzgerald is terrific as the judge, and Huston perfection itself as the charming, albeit alcoholic, doctor. Dame judith Anderson, perhaps the best supporting actress of all time, dominates every seen she is in as a sinister spinster. But, of course, there is a lead, and in the hands of a lesser actor, he could have wound up being a feckless straight man to all the great character actors around him.

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At first blush, six hours might seem rather too long but believe me it just gets better and better right on through to that unique ending which has never been equaled in filmdom, and likely never will. 58 out of 71 found this helpful. Copied to clipboardCopy link, timeless quality. Paul evans, i find it incredible how a film made 65 years ago can stand essay up so well, i think with every watch it gets better and better. It was very professionally made, beautifully acted and seems to avoid the brashness and showyness that the later versions were guilty. I love the fact that every character is so charismatic, perhaps the character of the russian was dubious casting, but The judge and Doctor are fabulous in it, huston and Fitzgerald showing what wonderful actors they both are.

June duprez was very beautiful, quite surprised to read that she retired rather early in her career. I'm unlike most reviewers, i actually love the 70's Oliver reed/Elke sommer version. Maybe this is the quintessential version though. Maybe this film is due a proper remake, who knows. 14 out of 15 found this helpful. Copied to clipboardCopy link The masterpiece of murder mysteries ralphsampson rene Clair's masterful direction takes Christie's classic novel up to a new dimension more suitable for cinema.

The best character actors of the 30's and 40's, many in the twilight of their careers. It's difficult to pick out superior performances. I did, however, take note that louis hayward gave a standout performance as Philip Lombard, and he had to be with this competition. He really was a fine actor, who incidentally, moved like a cat, a close match to the lombard film character as envisioned by Agatha Christie. A couple of his other outstanding films come to mind: The man in the Iron Mask and the seldom if ever shown, ladies in Retirement. In the credits, he was also listed as one of the three stars of the film: barry fitzgerald, walter huston and louis hayward.

The following screen shows the rest of the distinguished cast as supporting players. The musical score is as good as the cast, alternatively moody and eerie. June duprez comes off very well against the competition as the vulnerable miss Claythorne. I cannot forget how exquisitely beautiful she was in color in The Thief of Bagdad (1940). The book itself was excellent (I read it over 60 years ago) however, while i would indeed watch the film repeatedly i would not go out of my way to read the book once more. (5/20/2007) Still a fan of attwn, i have just finished a 2001 audio version, read by hugh Fraser (Hercule poirot's tv sidekick). This is a six-hour, complete and unabridged version of the book which includes all the material omitted in the film and with original ending intact.

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Very good acting, business especially fitzgerald. If you don't know the plot, you won't figure out whodunnit, despite the fact that it plays fair. There is suspense, good humor that holds up today, fine acting and a wonderful plot. Grab a cup of hot chocolate, turn the lights down, snuggle in the blanket, and prepare to enjoy a wonderful, cozy mystery which hasn't been equaled since. 61 out of 73 found this helpful. Copied to clipboardCopy link, nothing plan But the best guidon7, after reading all these comments I got the urge, dug out And. Then, there, were, none and watched it the other night. I won't repeat what has been said here so many times, only that it has to be one of the greatest films of all time.

this may be the best mystery ever put to film. Drivers-1, this may be the best mystery ever put to film. If it isn't totally true to the letter of the Christie book, it is totally true to the spirit of her writing. Ten unique individuals are lured to an old house on a deserted Channel island. One by one - but I'll say no more.

This one is not. I remember being really pleased as a young viewer that Christie is able to bring all issues to a resolution in a believable and realistic way-no hidden doors-no strange interventions. She is able to do this even in her lesser books. Sometimes it is preferable to not be open ended, leaving unfinished details. I relish this author and the movies and movie portrayals of business her books. I also need to mention the music. The score is so carefully tuned to the actions of the characters.

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Tomatometer, audience score, average rating:.3/5, user Ratings: 177. Critic Consensus: Dark yet dashingly executed, And, then, there, were, none offers a brazenly misanthropic look at human nature. Episodes, tv season Info, cast. View All Critic reviews (13 audience reviews for And, then, there, were, none : Miniseries, discussion Forum, discuss. And, then, there, were, none on our tv talk forum! The best of the versions, hitchcoc, this is a dramatization of the consummate Agatha Christie book, the benchmark for the whodunit. Each of the characters is nicely portrayed by good accomplished actors. The pacing, the subdued dialogue, all make this film work, even though it was felt necessary to doctor the plot and rename characters (this I will never understand). I won't criticize because i've never felt that we should compare movies to books-they are different media-unless the plot is badly compromised.

then there were none review
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Then There were none, a murder mystery based on the famous Agatha Christie novel. Reading back several reviews, i had posted back in 1998 that I wished for a remake of And then there were none. Considering it s the world s biggest selling mystery it s taken a while for a new adaptation.

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  1. A classic Agatha Christie novel gets a delectably sinister and perfectly cast adaptation courtesy of Lifetime and bbc. Then There were none (1945) on imdb: movies, tv, celebs, and. It s very hard to review anything by Christie because one does not want to reveal more than. Allison keene reviews Lifetime s upcoming bbc miniseries And.

  2. There s a discussion of And, then There were none. Masterful murder mystery takes dark view of justice. Read Common Sense media s And. Then There were none review, age rating, and parents guide.

  3. Audience, reviews for And, then There were none : Miniseries. And, then There were none has 548,730 ratings and 21,082 reviews. Review : And, then There were none.

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