Essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi

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essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi

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He was conversant with all Islamic sciences and classical philosophy, as well as the writings and traditions of Hinduism. He fell in love with saida begum, the beautiful daughter of Prince mirza mughal Beg. But her family rejected him and he left his home lovesick to find inner peace as a wandering seeker of God. For several years, he moved across the country, accompanied by yogis and sadhus, learned from them and made a pilgrimage with them to Shiite and Hindu shrines. When he finally returned to his hometown, conditions had changed there profoundly: The prince and a large part of his family were killed in an armed robbery, and now the survivors urged Shah Latif to marry saida begum, since they were of the opinion that. Through a stone arch, i enter the open courtyard of the actual tomb, surrounded by buildings like from an Orientalist fantasy: Large and small cupolas in different shapes, turrets and minarets rise in the darkness. The strong geometry of the facades is again seen in the fields and caskets through exuberant ornaments.

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Hence, it is not surprising that the spirituality of the Islamist ideologue, oriented towards tolerance and never charity, is a nuisance until today. Sufism is banned among the Shiite mullahs in Iran as well as Sunni fundamentalists of saudi Arabia. One of the main issues is the profound reverence for saints and masters that starts with the exuberant love for the person of the Prophet Mohammed. Thresholds or tombs are kissed and perfumed. Many of the partly syncretistic and ecstatic celebrations lead to uninhibited trance. Civil ethics as well as gender segregation cannot be maintained, and the violation of rules and breaking of taboos represent an intolerable provocation for every authoritarian state that primarily provides an instrument of power for the discipline and control of its subjects in the religion. However, in this very area of present-day pakistan, sufism with its multireligious mix of people with different ethnic backgrounds, has had a reconciliatory and mediatory impact by opening the spiritual borders for a long time between Sunnis and Shiites, hindus, Christians, jews, parsis and the. The holy and most important poet of Sindh - shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (1689-1752) - is one of the outstanding figures of Sufism in pakistan. He came from an old Sunni scholarly and mystic family. Besides Sindhi he spoke farsi, arabic and Hindi.

In fact, i hear faint tones of peculiar melodies and voices through the sounds of rhythmically struck strings, even here, among the shopkeepers. Beggars sit isolated on the floor, one squats without his lower leg on a ragged blanket, an old lady looks through me in trance or insanity. They seem just as little interested in us like the shopkeepers. Unlike the usually seen scenario in such markets, no Orient Pop blares out of extremely loud speakers. Suddenly some barking stray dogs pass by, halt there, two dogs seem to resumes negotiate with each other with authority, disappear into the darkness. To the left of the entrance to the actual tomb there is a stall, where the seals and biographies of Shah Abdul Latif as well as illustrated books about Bhit Shah, mosque architecture, the koran and the hadith editions are offered to the public. Even, "Mystical Dimensions of Islam" by Annemarie schimmel can be seen here. For centuries, Islam in the Indian subcontinent has been influenced by sufism. Many sufis emphasize on the inner unity of religions in their diversity that has been self derived from the koran.

essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi

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We reach Bhit Shah shortly before midnight, we get down at a small place, in the midst of brightly lit stalls and shops that overflow with sweets, religious souvenirs, soft toys, embroidered caps, a wide range of glitter plastic made in China that can take. In the midst of the flashing confusion, there are some young men, who seem to have merged with the surroundings. They look at us with unmoving eyes. They seem to be bill indifferent whether someone buys something or not. Maybe they simply assume that every rupee that God intends for them to earn, will inevitably end up in their hands, regardless of whether they perform the theater of bazaar for us or not. From our protection force, only two police officers are left behind, one tall and thin and the other short and fat, who despite their old Kalashnikov rifles seem to be as scary, as the two comedians from the pippi longstocking (Pippi langstrumpf in German) films. The poet, feminist, socialist and philosophy professor Amar Sindhu, who incidentally runs a literary café in Hyderabad, has brought us here without telling us exactly what to expect: An architecturally significant place, it had been called, possibly there would be qawwali - the mystical songs.

To the west of the road, the Indus meanders through its wide river bed that is mostly dried up this year. Here, alexander the Great once pulled along with his army after his mutinous soldiers forced him to abandon the plans to conquer India. Actually, we wished to travel at our own risk, however, our hosts felt obliged to use all means at their disposal to ensure our safety. So now a car with heavily armed police officers drives in front of us and another car follows us from behind. Through the windshield I see men with machine guns on the loading area of a pickup truck, they jostle for space; they seem to be having fun. Two of them have long shaggy beards of the Islamists; I wonder if it is so unlikely that it would suddenly occur to one of them that shooting us right now could secure him a place in Paradise, rather than us falling into the hands. The thought makes me laugh! Since the past few years, i have travelled quite often with Sufis, i have visited many of their pilgrimage sites and I have felt safer there, no matter how dangerous the place was supposed.

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essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi

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According to the district administration, some 2,500 personnel under supervision of 17 deputy superintendents of police and 100 Rangers have been movie deployed in the town. As many as 32 closed circuit writing television cameras have been installed for surveillance while six walk through gates have been placed at the shrines entrance. The bomb disposal squad, fire brigade and ambulances have also been stationed in the town. Video shows angry pilgrims in heated exchange with religious minister over inadequate facilities. Sardar said that strict security measures have been put in place and gave reference of the United States where despite hi-tech security terrorist activities take place.

Terrorism and extremism have become a global problem, he added. Read more: 274th urs, agha siraj Durrani, bhit Shah. Bhit Shah, tomb of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The path leads from pakistani hyderabad around fifty kilometers to the north. It is already past 10pm when we leave. As we leave the bright lights of the city behind us, darkness engulfs the horizon in all directions.

One of the new attractions at the festival was a 16-foot statue of Bhitai depicting the saint wearing a turban and playing dambur  a five-stringed musical instrument which he modified in the 18th century from the central Asias tambur. It has been temporarily placed at Bhit Shahs official guest house, where sindh Culture, tourism and Antiquities Minister Sardar Ali Shah and custodian of Bhitais shrine syed Waqar Hussain Shah inaugurated the sculpture on Saturday. Abdullah Shah Ghazis urs inaugurated, the statue will later be relocated to the centre of the qarar lake. Assistant professor Nadir Ali jamali of Sindh Universitys institute of art and design took 10 months to complete this piece of art which has been coloured in a monotone whitish hue. I feel honoured to be at a place where the message of peace, love, pluralism and religious harmony was spread, said the culture minister. Referring to Bhitais poetry and its cherished universality, sardar said that even after 274 years of his death, the sufi poets popularity is spreading globally, with many scholars conducting research on his poetry and music.

And in between, lies the door. Sindhs acting governor Agha siraj Durrani officially inaugurated the urs by laying a chaddar and offering fateha at the shrine. He, accompanied by provincial ministers and officials, later attended the rendition of Bhitais poetry and music in the shrines courtyard in a performance by a choir. Durrani later inaugurated the cultural village and agricultural exhibition. A musical night will be held on each of the three days of the urs celebrations. An international literature conference, a conference of folk, traditional wrestling, horse racing and cattle shows, among other activities, are being organised to provide a range of entertainment to visitors. Mian Muhammad bakhshs Urs today, security, the 274th urs is the second largest sufi saint festival to be held in Sindh since the february 16 suicide blast at the shrine of hazrat Lal Shahbaz qalandar.

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Promilla and., new Delhi. Shah Abdul Latif of Bhit: His poetry, life and Times. Oxford University Press, Oxford,. Isbn external links edit biographies edit poetry edit coordinates : 254824.21N 682928.76E /.8067250N.4913222E /.8067250;.4913222 Retrieved from " ". Traditional folk artists perform during the 274th urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. Hyderabad: With conspicuous fervour of devotees and flavours of the sufi event, the 274th urs celebration of hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai commenced in Bhit Shah, matiari district on Saturday. Thousands surgery of people will visit the small town along the national Highway, some 50 kilometres off Hyderabad, during the three-day celebrations featuring prayers, mother music, exhibition, cattle shows, sports and literary events.

essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi

The statue was sculpted by nadir Ali jamali, who is associated with the fine arts department of the University of Sindh. It is planned resume to be permanently put up at the centre of the karar lake next to the Bhitai shrine. It took ten months to complete. 3 In popular culture edit a recent painting of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai the Urs commences every year from 14th Safar (2nd month of Hijra calendar) and lasts for three days. 5 In 2017, the 274th Urs of Shah Abdul Latif began at Bhit Shah, 6 7 and mai dhai, abida parveen and many other singers and artists performed. The ceremony's opening was done by interim governor Sindh. See also edit further reading edit butani,. The melody and Philosophy of Shah Latif.

rome, to kabul and Kandahar. My beloved Allah, may you always make sindh, a land of abundance, my beloved Allah, may you make prosperous the whole universe. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, sur Sarang, Shah jo risalo. Most of the information on the life of Bhittai has been collected from oral traditions. A pakistani scholar, educationist, and a writer of plays, dramas and stories, mirza kalich Beg has collected details about the early life of Shah Bhittai from the dialogues that he has constantly held with some of the old folks, still living at that time, who. The next day i sat down, and listened to the Story of the "Vairagis." Their salmon-coloured clothes were covered with dust. The lonely ones never talk to anyone about their being. They move about unmarked amongst the common folk. — Shah Latif Bhittai a recent statue of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, sculpted by nadir Ali jamali, currently placed in front of the Bhit shah rest house. A 16-foot-high statue of Bhitai was unveiled in front of the Bhit shah rest house on the occasion of his 274th urs.

George washington University, described Shah Latif as a "direct emanation of Rūmī's spirituality in south Asia." citation needed, he is also known as the poet of Sindh. 2, contents Early life edit Shah Abdul Latif was born to Shah Habib in the village of Hala haveli, a few miles to the east of the present town of Bhit Shah (named after him on november 18, 1690. Citation needed latif was raised during the golden age of Sindhi culture. His first teacher was Akhund noor Muhammad Bhatti 1 although he was largely self-educated. Although he received little formal education, the risalo provides proof that he was well-versed in Arabic and Persian. The qur'an, the hadiths, the masnawi of maulana jalaluddin Rumi, along with the collection of Shah Karim's poems, were his constant companions, copious references to which are made in the Shah jo risalo. Citation needed his correspondence in Persian with contemporary scholar makhdoom moinuddin Thattvi, as contained in the risala-i-owaisi, bears witness to his scholastic competence: 1 Beloved's separation kills me friends, At His door, many like me, their knees bend. From far and near is heard His beauty's praise, my beloved's beauty is perfection itself. — Bhittai sur Yaman Kalyan In his poems he writes about Sindh and its neighboring regions, he mentions distant cities such essay as Istanbul and Samarqand as well as Sindhi sailors ( Samundi their navigation techniques, voyages as far as the malabar coast, sri lanka and the.

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From wikipedia, the short free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search "Bhittai" redirects here. For other uses, see. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (also referred to by the honorifics: lakhino latif, latif Ghot, bhittai, and, bhitt jo shah ) (18 november 1689 ) (. Sindhi :, urdu : ) was a, sindhi, sufi scholar, mystic, saint, and poet, widely considered to be the greatest Muslim poet of the. 1, his collected poems were assembled in the compilation. Shah jo risalo, which exists in numerous versions and has been translated into. English, urdu, and other languages. His work has been compared frequently to that of the. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an emeritus professor of, islamic studies.

essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi
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Shah Abd ul Latif Bhitai is one of the great Sufi poets and intellectuals of south Asia. An introduction shah abdul latif bhittai (R.A) Life and Ancestry of Shah Bhittai education seven queens poetry of Shah Sahib.

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  1. Hyderabad: With conspicuous fervour of devotees and flavours of the sufi event, the 274th urs celebration of hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai go not far, sasui, nor give up the quest, walk no t with your feet, yet sit not quite content, All connection with joys of life snap, walk with. Essay on shah abdul latif bhitai in sindhi language peter the great biography essa y on life isaac can t promise any results, because i struggle with follow- through. Analysis of the Ideas of Shah Latif and.

  2. He was son. Shah Abdul Latif, a great scholar, saint and spiritual poet, was bo rn in Hala. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is always remembered for his great poetry. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai 18 november 1689 was a sindhi sufi sch olar, mystic, saint, and poet, widely considered to be the greatest Muslim.

  3. Bhit Shah, tomb of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai. The path leads from pakistani hyderab ad around fifty kilometers to the north. It is already past 10pm when we leave. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, the great saint, poet and philosopher was born in 1689 in small village hala haveli district Hyderabad.

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