A detailed resume

How to Write a, detailed, resume

a detailed resume

How to Write a, detailed, resume, career Trend

It was a pleasure work with him at Helponbiz, his no-nonsense mentality proved to be a very powerful skill when combined with outstanding technical knowledge of his work and total focus on client needs. May 18, 2012 joão castel Branco, partner and Project Manager, helponbiz soluções Informaticas, Lda. I directly managed Pedro in the maia educacao project, he was the main developer in the backoffice component of the solution that had to allow to configure the structure, settings and data for all the schools in the county to create a education Unified Central. Pedro is a very proactive, always updated developer that searches the best solution for the problem in context. Professionally was a pleasure to work with Pedro that was an important member to bring this complex project to its end result a success! On the personal side, pedro is a really great guy with a strong personality, we became good friends. June 7, 2012  Bernardo Antunes, microsoft development Framework manager, logica.

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His business knowledge combined with a unique experience in management makes him an effective consultant in any business area. His intelligent together with the high skills that Pedro has, i have no doubt in his professional and personal sucess. May 21, 2012 fernando costal Mendes, partner, helpOnBiz. Pedro gets the job done! Very focused and dependable. Besides hes great and authentic guy. May 18, 2012 Bruno bernardo, software developer/Architect, helpOnBiz. Pedro is clearly one of the most proficient colleagues ive worked with. He understands and exceeds the project goals and the clients expectations. That is why his work is always outstanding.

Team leader (3 years experience law Firm crm (24 months football Management Web Game (6 months). Software Architect (3 years experience law Firm crm (24 months used Car Sale portal migration (6 months). Software developer and Analyst (11 years worked with technologies such. Net framework.0/1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0, c t, vb6, t web Forms, t mvc, asp, windows Forms, silverlight, wpf, javascript json, jQuery, sencha, ajax, html, wcf, soap, mssql server 2000/2005/2008, Linq, Entity Framework (4,.1, code first Fluent api ria services, wif, sts and Active directory, Exchange server 2003, team like foundation Server. Business development (5 years experience recommendations: Pedro was a fellow who i really really liked to work. His practical, effective and objective analysis of the challenges that is assigned, along with a highly motivating team spirit make him a team leader. Its highly refined sense of humor motivates the entire team at the right time.

a detailed resume

How to write a detailed resume for job application?

Steam (Match 3/Action/puzzle full 3D casual game) (6 months). Game Producer (3.5 years experience steam (Match 3/Action/puzzle full 3D casual game) (6 months). Starwheels (Car Racing, full 3D casual game) (4 months). Ignites Assembly line (Online Action Game) (3 months). Project summary Manager (5 years experience worked with methodologies like waterfall, rup and Agile loyalty methodologies (Scrum, extreme Programming, tdd) and technologies like msproject, msvisio, sharepoint, paymo and some proprietary Project Management tools on the following projects: Financial Projects (9 months law Firm crm (24 months meeting room. Mekwa (Social Networking Game) (1 month). Ignites Assembly line (Online Action Game) (3 months).

I consider myself a very creative, organized, fast paced and skilled individual with very good social and communication skills and a distinct sense of humour. I am very good at problem solving and prioritizing tasks and a very fast learner, who always tries to keep a positive attitude and a friendly team environment. Also, i have total flexibility to travel as well as extended experience in dealing with Clients and Stakeholders, both internal and external, in different locations and time zones. Since 2001 I have worked in the following roles: Software development Manager (6 years experience managed 2 teams of developers, up to 15 developers, for custom development projects of Easytronics customers (4 years). Managed 5 teams of developers, local and remote, up to 20 developers, for 5 applications within the wintel Core Applications in Citibank (18 months). Managed 1 team of developers, qa engineers and UI/UX designers, up to 20 people, for Oneview healthcare (7 months). Game designer (3 years experience ignite factory (Online Action Game) (3 months). Netliga (Web-browser Soccer Manager Game) (9 months). Portucale (mmorts web Game) (18 months).

A detailed, resume, example ginger

a detailed resume

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Biography, i have been living and working in taiwan for a while now. Though taipei is warm in the summer, i manage to plan soothe those hot days with smoothies, cold water (and the occasional beer! and lots of famous ice dishes! In my spare time, i maintain, update and run WordPress websites for myself and several clients. My other interests include: street scenery photography, urban country walking, ethnic food, and playing board games. Recently, ive been organizing the monthly Photowalkers taipei walk.

For some writing, i use the pen names: James Caldwell. Caldwell Proficient in WordPress, and WordPress hosting Chinese spoken reading: Intermediate). I come from a humble family whose biggest asset has always been our values. Honesty, integrity, respect and Persistence were the four pillars of my education. My parents taught me that if I had these 4 values present in my actions as much as I could, there would be nothing I wouldnt be able to achieve. I value those lessons now more than ever.

Homepages and tesol instruction: are tesol teachers really utilizing their homepages for the benefit of students? Freewriting, Prompts and feedback, the Internet tesl journal. Available online October 21, 2001 at ml, august 2001. Books, lesson Plans and Projects, materials Writer, many books with games for teaching Phonics and kk phonetics system, supplementary materials, etc. . course materials for General English, business English, and Advanced reading levels. Phonetics for Adults (provisional English title david Wang.

Edited and soundtrack co-recorded by kenneth. Taiwan, book and CD  2001. February 2004 now: Dickson English School partner teacher (full-time). Providing language classes for Elementary to high School Students from beginners to gept middle level in all skills. Specialized in teaching writing and reading to older learners. Implemented new courses, designed curricula to fit our students, esp. Those focusing on gept success, process writing, and critical reading. Additionally, gained extensive administration experience, covering all aspects of running a small business.

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Its a whole new bean. Article and interview, republished in really August, 2015. Available online at m, advice column: your house Is Not your atm machine, personal finance column published in January, 2008. Available online at m, academic Publications, a random Walk Along The Information Superhighway in 3 Parts. Part 1: Resourceful Sites Worth loyalty looking Into Hwakang journal of tefl, vol. Part 2: What do you want to teach Today? Hwakang journal of tefl, vol. Part 3: What do you want to create today?

a detailed resume

take a shot at Photowalkers! Discover taipei and learn Photography together, published in Centered on ambedkar taipei, october 2016. Available at for the love of Iced Coffee e-book, first self-published at m, 2015. Available online at m in pdf. Current Blogs Written m examines entrepreneurship, personal finances, investing, blogging and tech from 2008. M is a personal quest for the perfect cup of coffee from 2011. M is becoming my notebook on lessons about photography and writing from 2016. Have you ever tasted coffee from India?

Text and many pictures. Available online at a jolt of Coffee taipeis Riding the Third wave for Coffee: Part 2, published in Centered on taipei, april, 2017. Available at walking the walk: Interviews with Three photowalkers, written and edited under a pen name, published in Centered on taipei, april, 2017. Text and some pictures. Available online at a jolt of Coffee taipeis Riding the Third wave for Coffee, published in Centered on taipei, february, 2017. Available at how to survive dining Out in taipei: Twelve tips for the festive season published in Centered on taipei, december 2016.

I was the words leader of software development, focussing on the implementation of Seruba's thesaurus server and editor, and a search engine. Netwhere GmbH (August 19). Web developer - netwhere (now Arc Interactive) is a new Media agency. As a web developer, i implemented software including cgi programs, applets, search tools, online auctions, content management systems and database applications. Sharing my experience of the business world, coffee, and taiwans fascinating cultures encourages me to put pen to paper and eye to lens. Im now looking for new avenues to explore, learn and share my writing and photographs. Selected Articles other Writings, photowalking Through taipeis History, published in Centered on taipei, april, 2018.

Detailed, resume, engineering Science And Technology

Jan Algermissen, jan Algermissen, programmer and Software Architect, a detailed resumé is available in German: pdf. Seruba - a new search and learning Technology for the. Internet and Intranets Schmitz-Esser, Algermissen may 2001. Technical Standards 1, reference model for iso 13250 Topic Maps (RM4TM), (Newcomb, hunting, Algermissen november 2002. Commercial Work Experience, founder, tugboat Consulting (March 2005 - present) All my research of the passt years has finally reached the quality of a business case: Applying short Web Technologies to Enterprise. I have written a foundational software package and created a company around it: Tugboat Consulting. Independent Programmer (August 2001 - present) i am working as a contract programmer with a strong tendency towards network communication and information management and retrieval. My resumé provides a detailed list of my recent Projects and Clients. Seruba GmbH (March 20 development Manager - seruba specialized in the development of multilingual thesauri and their application for information retrieval, e-learning and text mining.

a detailed resume
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  4. i am presently looking for work, i also published my detailed resumé as a set of articles grouped by category under the menu my resumé. Clichés like detailed -oriented or good communication skills in absence of context are meaningless and in no way make you and your. Nasa engineer: Cape kennedy, florida.

  5. A tribute show for The beatles. Take a shot at Photowalkers. Have you ever tasted coffee from India.

  6. piece of advice: Remember not to say anything in your summary that isnt accurate or that isnt listed below in your detailed resumé. (review detailed list of Technical Trainer qualifying training taken here). Within Microsoft Premier Support for developers, enable enterprise clients and partners to realize their full potential through. Stahr's resumé, us premiere of the play spoonface Steinberg by lee hall.

  7. Companies invest quite an amount in recruiting people and would expect a detailed resumé profiling all that they are looking for. You can check a fully detailed resumé on my linkedIn page or request a msword version of it by contacting. A detailed resumé is available in German: pdf. My resumé provides a detailed list of my recent Projects and Clients.

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