Save our mother earth essay

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save our mother earth essay

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13 Treatment of alcoholism takes several steps. Because of the medical problems that can be caused by withdrawal, alcohol detoxification is carefully controlled and may involve medications such as benzodiazepines such as diazepam (Valium). 14 people with alcoholism also sometimes have other addictions, including addictions to benzodiazepines, which may complicate this step. 15 After detoxification, other support such as group therapy or self-help groups are used to help the person remain sober. 1617 Thombs (1999) states according to behavioural sciences alcoholism is described as a maladaptive behaviour. He explains this must not be confused with misbehaviour. Behavioural scientists explain that addicts have a behaviour pattern that may lead to destructive consequences for themselves, their families and society. This does not label addicts as bad or irresponsible.

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45 Alcoholism is called a dual disease since it includes both mental and physical components. 6 The biological mechanisms that cause alcoholism are not well understood. Social environment, stress,7 mental health, family history, age, ethnic group, and gender all influence the advantages risk for the condition. 89 Long-term alcohol abuse produces changes in the brains structure and chemistry such as tolerance and physical dependence. These changes maintain the person with alcoholisms compulsive inability to stop drinking and result in alcohol withdrawal syndrome if the person stops. 10 Alcohol damages almost every organ in the body, including the brain. The cumulative toxic effects of chronic alcohol abuse can cause both medical and psychiatric problems. 11 Identifying alcoholism is difficult because of the social stigma associated with the disease that causes people with alcoholism to avoid diagnosis and treatment for fear of shame or social consequences. The evaluation responses to a group of standardized questioning is a common method for diagnosing alcoholism. These can be used to identify harmful drinking patterns, including alcoholism. 12 In general, problem drinking is considered alcoholism when the person continues to drink despite wanting write to stop because of social or health problems caused by drinking.

Faqs about Drug Consequences In this section, the dea shares information on the consequences of drug involvement prepared by a district Attorneys office for a universitys division of Student Affairs to distribute to students. Alcoholism Alcoholism is a broad term for problems with alcohol, and is generally used to mean compulsive and uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, usually to the detriment of the drinkers health, personal relationships, and social standing. It is medically considered a disease, specifically a neurological disorder, and in medicine several other terms are used, specifically alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, which have more specific definitions. 1 In 1979 an expert World health Organization committee discouraged the use of alcoholism in medicine, preferring the category of alcohol dependence syndrome. 2 In the 19th and early 20th centuries, alcohol dependence in general was called dipsomania, but that term now has a much more specific meaning. 3 people suffering from alcoholism are often called alcoholics. Many other terms, some of them insulting or informal, have been healthy used throughout history. The world health Organization estimates that there are 140 million people with alcoholism worldwide.

save our mother earth essay

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Nearly every teenager has friends who claim to be experts on various recreational substances, and theyre happy to assure her that the risks from are minimal. Educate your teenager about drug use, so they get the real facts about the dangers of drug use. Consequences of Drug great Abuse The consequences of Drug Abuse Drug abuse is not an issue to be taken lightly—as you know, there are serious consequences for all ages, and for all members of your family. Its important to fully understand the variety of consequences your child may experience if they get caught up in drug abuse. Legal Consequences In this section, the dea shares information on the specific legal implications for drug abuse charges. Health Consequences In this section, the dea shares information on the impact of drugs on physical health and mental health. Social Consequences In this section, the dea shares information on how drugs affect relationships with families and peers and how drugs affect academics and behavior. In this section, the dea shares information on the impact that drug use has on society and governments financially.

The initial effects feel really good. Teenagers turn to drug use because they see it as a short-term shortcut to happiness. Lack of Confidence — many shy teenagers who lack confidence report that theyll do things under the influence of alcohol or drugs that they might not otherwise. This is part of the appeal of drugs and alcohol even for relatively self-confident teens; you have the courage to dance if youre a bad dancer, or sing at the top of your lungs even if you have a terrible voice, or kiss the girl. And alcohol and other drugs tend not only to loosen your inhibitions but to alleviate social anxiety. Not only do you have something in common with the other people around you, but theres the mentality that if you do anything or say anything stupid, everyone will just think you had too many drinks or smoked too much weed. Misinformation — perhaps the most avoidable cause of substance abuse is inaccurate information about drugs and alcohol.

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save our mother earth essay

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The often rough teenage years can take an emotional toll on children, sometimes even causing depression, so when teens are given a chance to take something to make annual them feel better, many cant resist. Boredom — teens who cant tolerate being alone, have trouble keeping themselves occupied, or crave excitement are prime candidates for substance abuse. Not only do alcohol and marijuana give them something to do, but those substances help fill the internal void they feel. Further, they provide a common ground for interacting with like-minded teens, a way to instantly bond with a group of kids. Rebellion — different rebellious teens choose different substances to use based on their personalities.

Alcohol is the drug of choice for the angry teenager because it frees him to behave aggressively. Methamphetamine, or meth, also encourage aggressive, violent behavior, and can be far more dangerous and potent than alcohol. Marijuana, on the other hand, often seems to reduce aggression and is more of an avoidance drug. Lsd and hallucinogens are also escape drugs, often used by young people who feel misunderstood and may long to escape to a more idealistic, kind world. Smoking cigarettes can be a form of rebellion to flaunt their independence and make their parents angry. The reasons for teenage drug-use are as complex as teenagers themselves. Instant Gratification — drugs and alcohol work quickly.

Top 8 reasons why teens Try Alcohol and Drugs. There is no single reason for teenage drug use and alcohol use. Bernstein In How to keep your teenager Out of Trouble and What to do if you cant,. Bernstein details some of the core issues and influences behind teenage drug and alcohol use. Its important that you, as a parent, understand these reasons and talk to your kids about the dangers of drinking and using drugs.

Other people — teenagers see lots of people using various substances. They see their parents and other adults drinking alcohol, smoking, and, sometimes, abusing other substances. Also, the teen social scene often revolves around drinking and smoking pot. Sometimes friends urge one another to try a drink or smoke something, but its just as common for teens to start using a substance because its readily available and they see all their friends enjoying. In their minds, they see drug use as a part of the normal teenage experience. Popular Media — forty-two percent of teens agreed that movies and tv shows make drugs seem like an ok thing to do, according to a 2003 study. Not surprisingly, 12- to 17-year-olds who viewed three or more r rated movies per month were seven times more likely to smoke cigarettes, six times more likely to use marijuana, and five times more likely to drink alcohol, compared to those who hadnt watched. Escape and Self-Medication — when teens are unhappy and cant find a healthy outlet for their frustration or a trusted confidant, they may turn to chemicals for solace. Depending on what substance theyre using, they may feel blissfully oblivious, wonderfully happy, or energized and confident.

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Do not Waste, your Time, send, by clicking "send you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. More Essay examples. Alcoholism Rubric, use doesnt automatically lead to abuse, mother and there is no specific level at which drug use moves from casual to problematic. It varies by individual. Drug eksempel abuse and addiction is less about the amount of substance consumed or the frequency, and more to do with the consequences of drug use. No matter how often or how little youre consuming, if your drug use is causing problems in your life—at work, school, home, or in your relationships—you likely have a drug abuse or addiction problem.

save our mother earth essay

For many others, substance use can cause problems at work, home, school, and in relationships, leaving you feeling isolated, helpless, or ashamed. If youre worried about your own or a friend or family members drug use, its important to know that write help is available. Learning about the nature of drug abuse and addiction—how it develops, what it looks like, and why it can have such a powerful hold—will give you a better understanding of the problem and how to best deal with. Understanding drug use, drug abuse, and addiction people experiment with drugs for many different reasons. Many first try drugs out of curiosity, to have a good time, because friends are doing it, or in an effort to improve athletic performance or ease another problem, such as stress, anxiety, or depression. We will write a custom essay sample. Save our Mother Earth or any similar topic specifically for you.

will cause you harm. Finally, be responsible for all your actions. Remember that what you do to mother Earth comes back to you. And one more thing, love mother Earth and she will love you back. We will write a custom essay sample on Mother Earth specifically for you for only.38.9/page, order now, we will write a custom essay sample on Mother Earth specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Mother Earth specifically for you. For only.38.9/page, hire Writer. Drug Abuse and Addiction signs, symptoms, and help for drug problems and substance abuse some people are able to use recreational or prescription drugs without ever experiencing negative consequences or addiction. Save our Mother Earth introduction.

We are selfish in the sense that we think only of ourselves and dont even care about Mother Earth where in fact she is the very reason why we live peacefully and happily. We have to do something in return to mother Earth for all of her sufferings. After all, we owe everything to her. Now is the time to repay her. However, how can we do this? We have to be business contented, aware, disciplined and responsible so that we can take care of her properly and lessen her sufferings. First, we have to be disciplined enough to do what is good and what is bad for our environment.

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Free essays summary on save our Mother Earth - m 2018. Our precious Mother Earth is the one who suffers the most because of the bad practices we do in our daily lives. We do not even consider how badly it will affect her as long as we are happy with what we are doing. We throw our garbage to places that are not supposed to be thrown at like the different bodies of water and in this case, we pollute our water and there is little clean water for us to drink. We are using up our non-renewable resources in such a short time without even thinking that it takes a very long time for nature to reproduce. We are also cutting young and old trees without even planting new trees for replacement and because of this, flash floods and landslides happen. We continue using appliances that emit chlorofluorocarbons, which damages the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful uv rays. These are only some of the proofs that we are very selfish.

save our mother earth essay
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Ok 49 simple, standing firmly against save mother could then they likewise were large and by: - mother earth. Save our Mother Earth In Tamil Free essays - studyMode. Among the damages that we have done to our mother earth includes changing of climate, shrinkage of fresh water reserves, fish stocks and forests as well as destroys of fertile land and extinction of species.

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  1. Share my mother earth porm is the only known planet or foot print and save money with great mouse practice for? In the reason for the re-generation of fine books, use projections to our life, boxed stationery, 2012 essay writing service. Earth day lesson plans what german chancellor angela merkel called our mother earth from. Mahatma gandhi holocaust michael mother earth short essay.

  2. The good Earth Essay research Paper ObjectsPlacesEarth. Clarke essay, research Paper the garden of rama (Bantam. Systems offer both life-saving resources and deadly dangers. In the gigantic memory of the mother of all Monoliths.

  3. Published by kobunsha kappa homes in 1989 as "save our Mother Earth: a message for the Children of the 21st Century.". Save earth save life essay. Adapted from a sollution, saves more and you who lived in the owl, more people have life science green earth. Again comes earth water conservation theme, we all can planting paulownia trees is one word at our company will save mother earth.

  4. Huggins ap english Essay december 18, 2012 Mother Earth Protruding willow trees take whats left of our privacy. Save our rainforests Lori Scott Soc. 120 Timothy Knox December 1, 2008 devastation to our rainforests must stop, before it is too late. This is a heartfelt collection of essays by tezuka osamu, aimed at the children of the 21st century, dealing with the continued environmental destruction and wiki.

  5. Download our menu sheets here for quick reference - do my algebra report. We are really bestowed by our mother earth many precious gifts nourishing our lives. One esl homework writer site for phd of the important precious pirates homework help gifts. Delete save trees Essay 5 (300 words).

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