Report writing on visit to zoo

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report writing on visit to zoo

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The birds in the zoo were very beautiful. I was very happy to see the birds. I saw some birds for the first time. Then we moved to a tank. It was full of crocodiles. We also saw some other water birds like ducks and cranes.

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Last Sunday i went to see system the zoo with my parents. It is situated at Purana qila in New Delhi. We bought the tickets and went inside. Many people had already come labview to see the animals and birds. First of all, we saw a lion. It was grand and royal. Then we saw some tigers. Then we went to the enclosures of leopards, elephants, bears and foxes. Then we went to see the monkeys and some birds. The monkeys were jumping from one branch of the tree to another. Some monkeys were eating bananas.

I designed these sheets for use after our trip to london. Zoo for use independently in writng area by all abilities. There are three sheets available one where children can draw pictures of what they saw, and two where they can write about thesis their trip. Hope it proves useful to someone else too. Read more, recommended Categories. Zoo is a place where different animals and birds are kept. Zoo is a great attraction for children.

report writing on visit to zoo

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The lions' cage was found in the same condition and the hungry lions were walking to and fro. Some pieces of rotten meat were found on the floor of the cages. The lions too looked very feeble. The royal Bengal Tigers in another cage have lost their real appearance. The people coming in the zoo could hardly recognize whether they were royal Bengal Tigers or not. Other animals in the zoo were found in the same state. One of the officers of the national zoo said, "These wild animals cannot adjust themselves to this new environment because they are born in the wild, so they should stay wild. They look weak despite eating sufficient food." Another officer said, "Sometimes we cannot supply sufficient food to the animals because the number of animals has increased now.". It seems that the government should increase the budget of food-supply immediately; otherwise, almost all the wild animals' life in the zoo will be endangered.

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report writing on visit to zoo

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It was lying on the mud beside the swamp. We played there for half an hour. After that while we felt hungry. We sat under a tree and had our meal. Thereafter, we moved here and there in a cheerful mood and enjoyed a great fun.

In the evening we all returned home with indescribable joy and happiness. Miserable condition of the national zoo. Sujon Ahmed, Dhaka, 05 April: The national zoo is situated in Mirpur, Dhaka. Every day except Sunday many spectators come to visit this National zoo. Most of the spectators become disappointed to see the miserable condition of the zoo. At the entrance gate, there is a cage of monkeys, which is dirty and all the monkeys are living in a polluted environment for which most of them are weak.

Ajay, one of our friends replied that he wanted to begin with the king. The rest of us could not follow him. The class teacher explained that it was lion, the king of beasts. Animals were the chief attraction of this place. So, at first we went to the cage where a lion with his family lived. Seeing us, the lion began to roar.

After that we proceeded towards another cage. It was the cage of a royal Bengal Tiger. It was frightfully beautiful and we could not turn our eyes. It was licking its paw in closed eyes. At another place we saw that the monkeys were swinging from branches of trees. Seeing their posture and gesture we could not help laughing. Even our class teacher began to laugh in a loud voice. After this we saw a big fearful crocodile.

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Xyz, class 102 Science, last Word - if the students love to read more reports, if they wish to know how to write reports, they must click here. Read essays/articles from here. Share on Facebook, google. I am sharing my experience on my visit to a, zoo. One day in sunny winter morning our class teacher took me and some of my friends to the zoo in Alipur. One of my friends ravi eksempel carried food in a big tiffin carrier for all. Our class teacher asked from where we wanted to begin.

report writing on visit to zoo

There were essays a no of wild animals roaming here and there. We were full of excitement. We wanted to take photograph after getting down from the bus. But the bus driver and the zoo official stopped us from doing. So we had to be contented to take photograph from inside the bus. It took us only 30 minutes in completing that safari. But we enjoyed a first hand experience. Then we returned home happily.

of Safari. We decided to enjoy. They charged Rs 200/- for all. We sat in a caged bus. The bus moved from a small patch of jungle in the zoo.

Having purchased the tickets, we entered. There were a no of instructions written at the entrance. We had to follow those instructions during our mother stay at the zoo. There was the much crowd. There were also a few foreigners. We saw many cages of animals and birds. There was the variety of birds.

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There are a no of reports on Visits such. Visit to lab a hill Station, visit to a museum, to a historical Places,. Certainly there is one report in the exam about a visit. So it is necessary for the students to read some of the reports on Visits. In this post, we shall cover a report named a visit to, zoo ". My, visit to a, zoo. A report, i and my friends visited a, zoo last week. The zoo was located outside the city. After reaching there, we purchased entry tickets for Rs 20/- each.

report writing on visit to zoo
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Zoo is situated in Mirpur, Dhaka. Every day except Sunday many spectators come to visit this National, zoo. A visit to a zoo essay of 522 words.

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  1. An English essay on a visit to a zoo for kids of lower class. Miserable condition of the national. Zoo, sujon Ahmed, Dhaka, 05 April:The national.

  2. Short Paragraph for kids. Visit to a, zoo. Report, spelling and Grammatical Errors;. A, visit to a, zoo, essay for school students of class 1.

  3. The English Language society of smk ahmad had made a visit to zoo for the annual activity. A total of 50 members and four teachers involved in this trip. Report on a, visit to a, zoo - for 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th students/ board and non-board classes - simple, short and effective for better marks. Zoo is a great attraction for children.

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