My pet bird parrot essay

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my pet bird parrot essay

How to care for a parrot (with Pictures)

Training your parrot is a must for giving him the socialization he needs. To determine what foods are his favorite treats, try giving him a variety of nuts, fresh and dried fruits, and seeds. A new parrot may be unaccustomed to some of these foods, so give him a few days to determine which ones are favorites. Once you figure out a favorite, dont serve it as part of daily meals and save it for training. 3 Use target training to get your parrot to come out of and return to the cage. The first step of target training is getting the parrot to eat treats from your hand. This may take a few seconds to a few weeks. Simply go to the side of the cage and have a treat in your hand.

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Some signs of a sick parrot include: Deformed, receding, or ulcerated beak difficulty breathing Stains around the eyes professional or nostrils Change playing in appearance or texture of stools weight loss or loss of appetite Swollen eyes or eyelids feather problems including chewing, plucking, or thinning Bowed. In the beginning, approach your parrots cage slowly and without making any loud noises. You may also want to avoid eye contact in the beginning for a fearful bird, so he doesnt feel singled out by a predator. If you find the parrot trying to bite you, thrashing around the cage, or making other drastic displays of discomfort to your presence, youll need to get him accustomed to you: go back out of the room and out of sight. Start walking back in, and at the moment of the discomfort response, stop and stay where you are. Do not approach further and wait for him to calm down. Then begin walking closer. If he acts up again, stop and stay still until he calms down. You may need to do this frequently until you can get close to the cage. 10 2 Determine treats for your parrot.

Regular human disinfectants can be too strong and can harm your bird. 8 3 Visit the vet on a regular schedule. Some essay parrots are completely healthy forever, however most of the time when your parrot encounters a health problem, it could have been solved with some preventative vet consultations. Make sure your veterinarian is one that sees birds specifically or you will be wasting your money. Annual wellness checkups should be planned. 4 Watch for health problems. A healthy parrot is alert to his surroundings, stays upright most of the time, and is active. If your parrot starts acting sick, see a veterinarian.

my pet bird parrot essay

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7 Part 3 keeping your Parrot healthy 1 Tend to the cage bottom every two days. Remove any liners and bill replace them, and discard any shells, seeds, gravel, toys that are destroyed, etc. It is best to spot clean (clean up any mess that doesn't require too much time - droppings on perches etc.) once a day. 2 Clean and change the food and water bowls every day. Remove the food and water bowls daily, clean them and replace them with fresh food and water. Remove foods that rot quickly, such as cooked beans, immediately after feeding. Parrots can be especially prone to infections from bacteria, so keeping the cage clean is an absolute necessity be sure to use a bird-safe disinfectant for cleaning the cage weekly - these can be found at your local pet store.

Be sure not to put vitamin supplements in water even if the guidelines say to do this. The reasons are because birds dont drink that much, so you dont know how much they are getting, and because it can cause bacteria to form quickly in the water. 6 4, avoid cooking with non-stick pans and utensils. This is especially true if you keep your parrot in or near the kitchen. The chemicals used in non-stick cookware can be deadly to parrots when heated above a certain temperature. Second hand smoke is also very bad for parrots, just like it is for humans. Avoid smoking in the house if you smoke and have a parrot.

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my pet bird parrot essay

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Be sure to not overdo it on fruit because of sugar content. Some types of parrots, such as macaws, love to open the shells of nuts to get the meat out. Try giving your parrot pistachios, pecans, and macadamias. Do not feed parrots caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, sugary or salty snacks, greasy foods, raw or dry beans, rhubarb leaves, dill, cabbage, asparagus, eggplant or honey. Never give a parrot avocado or onions! Both are toxic to parrots.

Avocado can cause immediate cardiac arrest and death in a parrot. Feed the right amounts. Small and medium sized birds should have media food and water containers that are at least 20 ounces. Large birds should have food and water containers that are at least 30 ounces. Weaned babies and small birds will need extra amounts of food because of their higher metabolisms and levels of activity. 5 3, have a container for water thats large enough for your bird to bathe. Birds will drink out of the same water they bathe in, and this is okay.

For an aggressive parrot or one that doesnt know how to step up, youll need to get a hold of him to get him in his cage. This will not affect your relationship; the parrot will get over this. You want to be sure and do this quickly though and not let him go; if he flies around the room his fear will escalate and hell be harder to catch. Ideally you should use your bare hand, but if youre scared you can wear thin leather gloves or use a towel. Try to grab him by the neck just below the head (this is not only safer for not getting bit, but it also restricts his airflow less than grabbing his belly). However you get a hold of him, get him quickly to the cage without letting.

Regardless of the method you used to get him in the cage, give him some space for a while. It is likely he will eat and drink less than normal for a few days, but be sure he has access to familiar food and water. Allow him some time to calm down and adjust to his new home before interacting too much. Part 2, feeding your Parrot 1, vary your parrot's diet. Parrots need a varied diet with a broad range of nutritional value. They should ideally not be kept on a diet of seeds and pellets only, though the bird seed and pellet mixes at pet stores are good to use as the base for their diet. Here are some basics for supplementing the seed or pellet mixtures: do feed fresh fruits and vegetables. Rinse them well just like you would if you were preparing them for people. Many parrots like grapes, bananas, apples, carrots, berries, greens, all varieties of cooked squash, peas, green beans, and more.

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If it isnt reacting much, you can continue moving your hand toward. But, if it is opening its beak and aggressively snapping toward your hand, youll need to use the second method here. For a non-aggressive bird, continue moving your hand toward it and aim your fingers (or arm, in the case of a large parrot) perpendicular to and slightly above the feet. If it already has been trained to step up, you can say step up and it will jump hotel onto your fingers (or arm). Slowly take it out of the carrier and bring it to the cage. Aim the bird so that the cage perch runs parallel to your hand and slightly above its feet. It should step up onto the perch, and you can close the door and allow it to adjust to its new home for a while.

my pet bird parrot essay

during winter. Temperatures below 40 degrees can be dangerous for birds, especially thin ones. Plumper birds can develop heat stress to temperatures above 85 degrees. If you must keep your parrot in higher temperatures, be sure that there is plenty of air circulation. 3 4, get your new parrot into its cage for the first time. First, close your doors and windows in case of the worst. Then, youll need to determine how friendly or aggressive your new parrot. Open the carrier slowly and slowly bring your hand in toward the bird.

Bar spacing: 4" for larger parrots 2, place the cage in a room where he can interact. Parrots are social creatures. In the wild, they stay with a flock short and maintain constant contact with flock mates. If they are kept isolated they may develop separation anxiety. Parrots like being in rooms where their human flock hangs out. If you have other pets, you will want to keep your bird cage in a room that can be closed off while you are gone from the house. Be sure that you supervise your other pets around the bird, and keep them out of the room if they are causing stress to the bird.

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We use cookies to make wikihow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Okay, part 1, preparing a parrot professional Home 1, obtain a proper cage. Square or rectangular cages are more appropriate for parrots; they feel unsafe in round cages that do not have corners. Ensure your cage is large enough for your parrot to climb and move comfortably. Cages should have enough room for perches, toys, food bowls, water bowls, and rest areas. Choose the size of your parrot cage based on the size of your parrot: A minimum of approximately: 24" W x 24" H x 24" D for smaller parrots. A minimum of approximately 5 ft W x 6 ft H x 3 ft D for larger parrots. Bar spacing: 1/2" for smaller parrots.

my pet bird parrot essay
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  7. A parrot sitting alone in a small cage in a poorly-lit room, companionship consisting of a tiny mirror, is not a pleasant image. Considering birds are social animals, physiologically and mentally adapted for flight, this is indeed harsh punishment. While not every bird suffers this fate, cruelty and. How to care for.

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